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UADY and prestigious Russian university explore collaboration possibilities.



Mérida, Yucatán, June 11, 2019.- With the aim of exploring possible areas of cooperation around academic mobility and the exchange of knowledge and research in inclusive education, IT and tourism managers of the Moscow State Linguistic University (UELM by its Spanish acronym) visited the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY).


Anatoly Tsaregorodstsev, Vice President of Development and Information Technology; Elena Pavlicheva, director of the Institute of Information Sciences and Lilia Moiseenko, president of the Association of Hispanists of Russia, met with the rector, José de Jesús Williams, and directors of the UADY, to analyze the areas in which both institutions could establish cooperation ties.



The rector of the UADY said that the link is essential in the comprehensive training of students and teacher professionalization, since it opens the possibility of more opportunities for academic mobility, double degrees and student scholarships by the Russian Government.


The background of the UELM dates back to 1930, when a resolution of the Council of People's Commissars decreed the creation of the New Languages Institute of Moscow, its direct predecessor. Nowadays, this Russian institution is a university where it is possible to study 36 foreign languages, which are taught with an approach that allows its students to get closer to the cultures of the countries whose languages they study.


Currently, the UELM is the main methodological center for teaching foreign languages in Russia; it has cooperation agreements with 91 leading universities in 32 countries of the world and its students have a wide variety of internships, including the possibility of obtaining a second diploma from partner institutions. The academic community of this European university produces an average of 200 scientific publications per year, including textbooks and teaching material for schools and universities throughout the Russian Federation.


"As a qualification requirement, students must attend two languages and there is a high demand for Spanish courses, which would facilitate the establishment of mobility agreements," said Carlos Estrada Pinto, Director General of Academic Development at UADY.


One of the feasible collaboration areas is the implementation of online courses for students of both institutions; initiatives in which professors of the two universities would participate, added to the stays made by the students, who could opt for the double degree.


For UADY, it is very important to facilitate contact with other cultures in order to help them become full-fledged professionals, owners of a broad worldview, with the exercise of social responsibility as their axis, so it is to be expected that the visit of the Russian officials fructify and soon cooperation agreements between both institutions can be signed.




Source: UADY Press