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The Autonomous University of Yucatan has addressed various aspects of cooperation and internationalization in an isolated manner for nearly three decades. As the actions with other national and foreign HEIs increased, there have been several areas to coordinate. In 1984 the Department of Academic Exchange was created. The department administered grants programs managed external agencies and organizations such as CONACYT scholarships, and multiple embassies. It also promoted academic exchanges with other universities such as UNAM in Mexico. In 2003 the Department of Academic Exchange joined the General Coordination of Research and Institutional Relations, which organized and promoted actions related to the establishment of research and academic exchanges. In the year 2007, derived from the analysis conducted by the Dean of the university, the decision to split the General Coordination of Research and Institutional Relations into two general coordinations , one of Research and Graduate Programs dependent on the General Coordination of Academic Development, and the other Inter-institutional Relations under the General Secretary. From this coordination actions were taken to promote cooperation and internationalization through:






Given the importance of internationalization, in both the Institutional Development Plan 2010-2020 and the Educational Module for Integral Formation, in 2012 the General Coordination of Interinstitutional Relations (GCIR) joined the Coordination of Comprehensive Care System Student (within the General Coordination of Academic Development) which integrates the actions related to the internationalization of student activities. The GCIR covered services that contribute to the formation of the student in areas such as scholarships, national and international cooperation, tutoring, mobility, agreements, foreign program and other special projects to support the training of students at various levels.


Finally, with the intention of implementing cooperation and internationalization strategies, and ensuring that the activities derived from them are developed in a cross and comprehensive manner involving different units of the university, in February 2013 , the General Coordination of Cooperation and Internationalization ( CGCI )is established within the area of ??the Rectory. The main purpose of the CGCI is to implement the internationalization of the substantive functions of the university, through various cooperation activities, advice, support and advocacy that help mainstream the international perspective and substantive functions university. In addition, the CGCI also seeks to strengthen the image and participation of the university in the global environment of high quality standards. Herewith , in its purposes is to take cooperation and internationalization in the areas of teaching, extension and research carried out in the institution by promoting academic, administrative and technology that support the comprehensive training of graduates , strengthen the teaching and research work and the presence and participation of the university in different contexts.


Therefore the Coordination has among its responsibilities the linking of the university with national and international agencies to promote cooperation and internationalization in the areas of teaching , research and university extension , implementing academic actions, administrative and technology for promotion, management and development of standards , policies , guidelines , strategies and activities that result in opportunities for student training , qualification of teachers , strengthening academic bodies , participation in networks , boost research and institutional development approaches and standards.


Taking into account the above, we have defined our mission and vision as follows:


Mission: To promote and encourage cooperation and internationalization of the substantive functions of the University.


Vision: By 2020, the Coordination is the body recognized within the interior of the university and abroad, effectively contributing to strengthening cooperation and internationalization schemes to support the basic functions of the DES to meet international quality standards.



UADY Global


It is within the framework of this institutionalization that the proposal to create the UADY Global name emerged. The main purpose for this was to incorporate under the same concept the many activities that the university is partaking in within its various substantive areas and functions; activities that may be of interest to foreign institutions so that they can establish academic partnerships and research through partnerships or strategic alliances. Similarly, UADY Global seeks to project to the university on a global level to acquire greater presence and visibility as an institution of social importance and relevance to local, regional, national and international.



UADY Global acts as liaison between universities, students, researchers, and other organizations, that are found throughout the world and have an interest in the Autonomous University of Yucatán.



Our main purpose is to provide the necessary information in a clear and concise manner, in at least the English language (besides Spanish), that users are looking for and strengthen and promote cooperation ties between UADY and international organizations. For the university to maximize its academic capital and research partnerships, it requires the implementation of international and national organizations to implement exchange and research activities that have an impact in the current globalized field of education. Providing updated information in a timely and clear manner to all interested users, UADY Global serves as a prelude to the Autonomous University of Yucatán.



Users will have a first interaction with our institution and find timely information they are looking for. In addition, the website will serve to establish contact with the different users who are looking for information and to channel them to the right person to answer their questions. Part of UADY Global activities includes the unification of different internationalization activities, using virtual and digital resources to facilitate the search for information to users (both local and national and international).



Our official UADY Global logo reflects the academic union that the university wants to achieve with institutions from all over the world. Evoking the image of two hands with five fingers, reflecting the five continents, our logo is an example of international cooperation in which the abattoir has been involved, participate and continue to participate.