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An agreement between UADY and IYEM is signed



-They make synergy to promote the entrepreneurial spirit, the culture of quality and continuous improvement.

Mérida, Yucatán, May 14, 2019.- The Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) and the Yucatan Institute of the Entrepreneur (IYEM) signed a collaboration agreement, with the objective of creating a strategic alliance between both institutions to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the state and improve the quality in innovation.

The rector of this House of Studies José de Jesús Williams stressed that the purpose of this agreement, is to establish the bases for academic and scientific cooperation, in order to join efforts to organize and develop academic activities and research projects, as well as contribute to the promotion of the entrepreneur spirit, the culture of quality and continuous improvement.



"UADY, under its vocation of responsibility and social transcendence, reiterates the commitment to continue uniting efforts that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and support in the generation of ideas, projects and organizations that respond to the needs of society," he said.

For his part Antonio Flavio González Blanco, Director of the IYEM said that the Institute has created processes, infrastructure and funds that allow young people to start entrepreneurial tasks with equipment that until a few years ago was not available to them.

"The dynamics of the IYEM anticipates that entrepreneurs can find limits in knowledge or equipment, so with the agreement, both are at their disposal to make their projects more viable, supported by a solid scientific platform," he said.


Some of the activities that will be carried out jointly are: courses, consultancies and training workshops, promotion and diffusion of support for the entrepreneurial projects of this House of Studies, support in the activities related to the conformation, promotion and diffusion of the topic, as well as other academic activities.

González Blanco stressed that this is how they keep their word with young people, "this is a sign that both institutions are driven by the welfare of students, the generation of employment and more opportunities for Yucatecans."
With these actions, a strategy is implemented that will give as a benefit more areas of opportunity for the success of the projects.

He also thanked the rector for the trust placed by the University and students and assured that the projects are in good hands.



Source: UADY Press