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Innovation and social responsibility



-Students of UADY develop relevant and innovative projects

Mérida, Yucatán, May 15, 2019.- Students from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Autonomous University of Yucatan generated 12 projects within the framework of their participation in the subject Learning with Innovation. Taught at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, this subject seeks to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility among university students, while helping them develop their professional skills by acquiring the knowledge necessary to develop a business model, commented Jessica Alejandra Canto Maldonado, administrative coordinator of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UADY.



Among the projects presented, a proposal stands out to create bioplastic from any waste of plant origin in order to produce biodegradable bags and bottles. Other projects consist of different cell phone applications for the sale of food products and to support young people with academic difficulties.

During their presentation, these initiatives were evaluated based on criteria that included, both their social relevance and their economic feasibility, by a qualifying jury made up of prominent members of the entrepreneurial community.

The selected projects will receive the recognition of the Creativity and Innovation of the Students of UADY 2019.

"Given the climatic, political, economic and geopolitical changes, innovation and entrepreneurship are effective ways of contributing to the solution of global problems and strategies through which young people can actively contribute to the improvement of their environments," added the directive. “All UADY students can participate in these entrepreneurship and innovation courses that will help them to increase soft skills, which are highly sought after in the workplace and to develop an entrepreneurial idea capable of improving the quality of life, both for them and for many others," she concluded.

Currently there are UADY university entrepreneurs, recognized nationally and internationally for their ideas and exceptional projects; such is the case of the team that created honey powder "Enjambre", the generators of the fruit flour "Arine" and the case "Inmake", all of them with successful breakthroughs in the national market of innovation and technology, driven by machinery and equipment based on industry 4.0 principles for 3D printing and digitization.



Source: UADY Press