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UADY students committed to the environment



- University´s Volunteers participate in Expo Foro Ambiental 2019

Merida, Yucatan, May 19, 2019.- Separation of waste, collection of expired medicines, exchange of books, collection of tapas for the Hogar de Ángeles organization, are part of the activities carried out by volunteers from the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY) in the Environmental Education Pavilion of the Environmental Forum Expo 2019 that takes place at the Siglo XXI Convention Center.

The objective of this initiative is for students to promote care and respect for the environment in society. In the university stand, various activities have been launched that seek to raise awareness about the management of urban waste, medical waste, the purchase of polluting products, among others.


The expo, is a space to publicize the actions carried out daily by this house of studies in relation to the care and dissemination of good habits in environmental education, said Javier Antonio Cen Puerto, head of the Institutional Program of University Volunteering at UADY . He explained that, in the UADY Environmental Education Pavilion, visitors to the Expo will learn about the different activities that university volunteers perform on a daily basis, such as the separation of urban waste, which aims to separate different types of waste as part of the program National System for Waste Management of Containers and Medicines (SINGEM).

Volunteers also support the Scouts, through the "Tapaton", activity where they gather soda caps to take to the recycler; all the money raised goes to the "Casa Hogar Ángeles", which works with children suffering from cancer .
The activities included the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts (SEDECULTA) and the Culture Coordination of UADY to carry out the exchange of books, as well as the creation of a reading area, so that the books can be reused and not discarded.

Cen Puerto stressed that the stand has an area for games of promotion of the "Three Rs", Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, as well as Twister, child staircase snakes, among others. He explained that those who win the games are entitled to plants, which were provided by the Museum of the Rotary Tree (MUARO) and by the Institutional Nursery of UADY, which is responsible for cultivating endemic plants.

If any institution would like these activities to be carried out in its facilities, they are invited to send an email to:

The Expo Forum is the result of the union of efforts between the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism of Mérida (CANACO SERVYTUR) and the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (SDS), to generate cultural, educational and practical activities.



Source: UADY Press