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In the Laboratory of Gustemology of UADY, socio-cultural studies on the kitchen, the food and the gastronomy are realized



-Real learning scenario for students where they analyze contemporary forms of regional, national and international gastronomic experimentation


Mérida, Yucatán, June 1, 2019. Considered the first of its kind in Mexico and Latin America, the Laboratory of Gustemology, Drink and Food Sciences of the Faculty of Anthropological Sciences of the Autonomous University of Yucatan seeks to project courses, workshops and research related to socio-cultural studies on cooking, food and gastronomy.


In addition, this space allows students to approach different social, economic, political, and cultural issues that find expression in daily and festive practices, as well as contemporary forms of regional, national and international gastronomic experimentation.


In an interview, Steffan Igor Ayora Díaz, professor of the faculty and coordinator of the laboratory, commented that this space is important because for a long time the analysis of culinary practices and the senses of food for those who produce and consume it was neglected, as well as the different phenomena and economic, social, political and cultural processes that surround the production, distribution and consumption of food.

"Given the importance of food and the growing recognition of its centrality in cosmologies, visions of the world and ways of life, in 2010, the anthropologist David Sutton coined the term gustemology. This term refers to a broad spectrum of cultural phenomena and practices that are organized and acquire meaning through taste and the different sensory-sensory aspects of food ".

Consequently, he stressed, the creation of this laboratory is an advance in the possibilities of training students of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as to support the research of academics doing postdoctoral stays and to collaborate with civic groups interested in Culinary and gastronomic themes.

Ayora Díaz concluded by recalling that on June 7, 2016 the Laboratory was inaugurated by the Bachelor's in Social Anthropology and Tourism of the Faculty, "this area has served greatly for the training of both degrees. The students of tourism are those who currently use this laboratory the most; however, the interest of young anthropologists has been increasing considerably in these years ".



Source: UADY Press